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A screening is a short consultation where SPEC provides an informal evaluation to the prospective patient. It is designed to identify potential problems that interfere with the child's social and academic success. SPEC is able to screen the areas of hearing, vision, and speech and language.

Audiometric Screening: Tests hearing for pure tones from 250 Hz through 8000 Hz bilaterally for children 3 years of age and older. Failure on any frequency will result in a referral to the otolaryngologist

Tympanometry: Evaluates the function of the middle ear and is instrumental in diagnosing middle ear problems. Failure on this measure will result in a referral to the pediatrician or otolaryngologist.

Vision Screening: Performed using the Welch Allyn SureSight™ machine to evaluate visual acuity.

Our speech and language screening tests are all standardized forms of the complete (longer) tests. The screenings will result in a pass or fail score based on normal development and established norms for each of the three areas tested. The results will give us information to make specific recommendations for the patient.

Our recommendations may be that the patient’s development is within normal limits for their age, the patient needs a complete evaluation to determine what his needs are in the area of speech and language or, either the hearing and/or vision screenings were not passed and the patient will need further evaluation from their doctor.

FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE, SPEC provides screenings at:

  • Daycares
  • Schools
  • At our center: Provided in 30-minute increments. In those 30 minutes, we will use our knowledge and experience to recommend the “next step” for the patient.

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