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Music and Art Therapy

Music therapy is the clinical and evidence-based use of music interventions to help a child with communication & speech, attention, sensory integration, social skills, cognitive skills and also gross and fine motor skills. Additionally, it addresses a child’s physical and emotional needs, strengthening his or her abilities, which then translate to other areas of life. Children who find it hard to speak explore alternate ways of communicating, and it may also lead to creative expression. Systemic use of music interventions include listening to music, playing instruments, singing and moving to music. Music therapy focuses on the five areas of child development and the goals are non-musical.
Art therapy is a fun way for children to learn vital skills they will need to excel academically and socially. It is also a way to unlock their imagination. 

Through art, all children practice and develop their creativity, innovation and problem solving skills. Whether it's finger painting or building block sculptors, art has many benefits: develop fine motor skills, supports sensory integration, increases attending and listening skills, builds visual skills and academic concepts, trains creative thinkers and builds confidence and culture. Art enhances communication skills as it is a universal language  for children who struggle verbally.  

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