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Developmental Intervention

Our developmental program, known as FUNdamentals, is an intensive 1:1 early intervention program designed to help children with developmental delays. Following the principles of applied behavior analysis (ABA), FUNdamentals targets the following areas of development: receptive and expressive language, cognitive skills, gross and fine motor skills, socialization and self-help, such as feeding and dressing.

This program also helps children with autism, which may otherwise not pick up on “skills” the way other children would. The goal of this program is to teach children the “FUNdamentals” they need to succeed in life, and school, through the use of positive reinforcement, and established teaching tools including: discrete trial training, incidental teaching, pivotal response training, fluency building and verbal behavior. For more information regarding our Behavioral Health Program contact our office.

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We're a continual success story in diagnosing and treating speech and language disorders, developmental delays and educational challenges.

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